The End of the COVID Era: ATO’s Stern Warning to Businesses

Introduction of ATO Debt Relief

The COVID era posed unprecedented challenges, leading governments globally to adopt a supportive economic relief approach. In Australia, the ATO relaxed its stance, providing respite to small and medium-sized businesses.

During this period, the ATO followed government guidelines, favoring leniency over aggressive debt collection. Yet, in 2023, the landscape has shifted. The Australian government’s extensive spending, including JobKeeper and rent assistance, created a substantial financial burden.

Now, the government instructs the ATO to tighten its grip on debt collection, resuming business as usual with credit reporting agencies. The ATO is firm – there are no second chances. Companies with over $5 billion in debts meeting referral criteria face consequences, including disclosing 9,000 businesses with debts of $100,000 or more to credit reporting agencies this month.

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