How to Claim Tax-Free Threshold

Embark on a tax journey with WISTAX Mobile Tax and Accounting Services! Whether you’re handling a TFN or ABN, understanding how to claim Tax-Free Threshold is the key. Enjoy up to $18,200 tax-free income annually, but remember, being a tax resident is crucial to avoid higher tax rates.

Rick’s Tax Adventure: ABN and TFN Harmony

Meet Rick, a diligent soul managing both ABN and TFN in Belrose, Northern Beaches. As a full-year resident, Rick embraces the full TFA entitlement. Here’s a glimpse of his earnings:

  • ABN: $15,000
  • TFN: $15,000 (Net Income) with Tax Withheld of $5,000

With a combined income of $30,000, Rick has already paid $5,000 under TFN. Factoring in the TFA, his taxable income shrinks to $11,800 (Total of $30,000 – TFA $18,200).

Crunching Numbers: Tax Liability and Refund Insights

Referring to ATO tax tables, Rick faces a 19% tax on $11,800, resulting in a $2,242 tax liability. Having prepaid $5,000 under TFN, he’s due a refund of $2,758 ($5,000 – $2,242).

Unraveling Tax Nuances for ABN and TFN

Explore the interplay of income and tax liabilities. Tax paid through TFN work is considered when evaluating ABN income. Plus, leverage work-related expenses like courses, gear, and tools to minimize potential tax liabilities.

WISTAX: Your Guide in Northern Beaches

WISTAX Mobile Tax and Accounting Services understand Northern Beaches’ unique challenges. Receive tailored guidance on claiming the tax-free threshold and optimizing your tax position from our expert team.

Confidence in Tax Navigation

In conclusion, understanding how to claim Tax-Free Threshold involves grasping entitlements, assessing combined income, and optimizing your tax stance. WISTAX is your reliable companion for navigating tax intricacies in Northern Beaches.

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