Navigating Tax Horizons: ATO’s Latest Expedition in Northern Beaches with Wistax

Ahoy, Northern Beaches landlords! Navigate the tax waters with Wistax as your captain, unveiling the latest sea change in your rental property realm. Brace yourselves for a special update on the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) latest venture into maritime data collection, focusing on NSW rental bond income. Stay informed, stay compliant, and let Wistax steer you through these tax horizons. Fair winds and smooth seas to all Northern Beaches property owners!

Unveiling ATO’s Data Voyage:

Hold onto your compass, for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is embarking on a maritime data journey. Gathering information from state and territory rental bond regulators, they set their sights on a substantial 900,000 landlords!

What’s Afloat in the Data Sea?

The ATO aims to capture the essence of your coastal abodes – from sandy addresses to the number of bedrooms, and beyond. The mission? To uncover elusive rental incomes that sometimes elude the tax radar.

The ATO’s mission echoes in the waves, fostering “voluntary compliance.” Armed with external and internal data, they strive to assist you, the taxpayer, in seamless compliance while bolstering community confidence in the tax system.

What Lurks in ATO’s Depths?

Their watchful eye extends beyond underreported rental income, misapplication of CGT provisions, and foreign investment law compliance. Now, the focus turns to the often-overlooked rental bonds. While many landlords declare regular rental income, the ATO notes that bond money often slips through the cracks, and tax agents should be on high alert.

Dear tax agents, if your clients have been forgetful about mentioning rent or bond money, Wistax suggests swift action. Lodge an amendment promptly to navigate the compliance seas smoothly.

Beyond the Shoreline: Data Extravaganza:

The ATO’s journey doesn’t end with rental bond regulators alone. They sprinkle in third-party rental data from property managers, banks, landlord insurers, and even “sharing economy providers.” By April 2023, they plan to harvest data from a whopping 1.7 million landlords, including the big four banks and mortgage providers.

Ever wondered about the tax gap for rental property expenses? The ATO unveils the figures, estimating it at a staggering $1 billion or 14% of the total individual tax gap.


Northern Beaches landlords, prepare to navigate the tax horizons! The ATO, in collaboration with Wistax, sets sail to streamline compliance, urging proactive measures against over-reactivity. Keep those tax records, especially about the NSW rental bond, and shipshape, and if in doubt, seek guidance from your trusty tax agents at Wistax. This exclusive voyage into the tax world is crafted uniquely for you by Wistax Mobile Tax and Accounting Services – because in the realm of taxes, we’re your reliable compass on the Northern Beaches!

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